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Okirobo Best Wireless Power Bank

Okirobo – Qi Wireless Power Bank – 10000mah Portable Charger – iPhone Android Fast USB C Battery Pack Charger – Cell Phone Battery Power Pack – Phone Charger Battery Pack Portable – Qi Wireless Charger.

OKIROBO Power Bank, high quality portable charger, charges your Smartphone and your even some laptops. It charges 2 devices at a go, with its wireless charging pad or unique USB-A connector. Impressively, it charges 50% quicker than the regular power bank chargers on the market.  No compromise on quality! Enjoy a Tried, Tested and Guaranteed power bank with a sleek design. Okirobo is budget-friendly and ideal for light and heavy users. It’s much cheaper, durable and easy-to-use than other power banks.

Buy Okirobo for yourself and family now!

A guaranteed 10000 mAh capacity portable charger! Tested and certified in the laboratory by experts. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor purposes! Be it hiking, camping, travelling, hunting, and other activities. No more low or flat batteries! It’s also very reliable for your everyday use. Enjoy unbelievable 6-8 hours 100% fast recharge with its 2A USB charger. See special promo price and conveniently place an order on Amazon now!

8 reasons to splash the cash on Okirobo wireless power bank without thinking twice!!

It charges 2 devices: it is a portable charger that can charge 2 devices simultaneously via USB-A fast connector and its wireless charging pad. If your forgot cable it is not a problem – charge wireless! If your gadget does not support wireless – charge via cable.

Fast recharge: With its 2A USB-C connector charger it recharges quickly in 6-8 hours from 0% to 100%.

Convenient wireless charging: The soft touch and nonslip cover pack design keeps phones from scratching, making its wireless charging feature suitable for all users

Safe connectors: Connectors are made with all safety requirements and are safe for its wireless or cable charging features.

Your iPhone or Android Smartphones are safe from overheating, over-voltage and the possible destruction of your battery.

Guaranteed 10000 mAh capacity portable charger tested and certified in the lab by international safety experts.

Portable charger: The Okirobo Qi power bank comes in a very convenient and easy-to-carry size for travel and outdoor purposes.

Clear digital led indicators make the Okirobo wireless charging feature very effective and efficient.

This is real review of Okirobo wireless power bank

Customer from Amazon bought Okirobo portable charger and send us review. See the review and you will learn about the user experience of using Okirobo qi power bank. Customers from Amazon already bought more than 500 Okirobo power banks. Buy one now! 

Air Safe Power Bank

The wireless charging pad of OKIRIBO portable charger is designed with all safety requirements that protect your phone and power bank from overvoltage, over current, and overheating. It’s tested in the lab by safety experts. So impressively, the safety of your devices is 100% guaranteed!

Okirobo portable charger is compatible with all devices

Okirobo wireless power bank compatible with all mobile devices. You may charge your iPhone, Android, Samsung, Xiaomi, Pixel, Sony, Motorola or other device. Okirobo qi portable charger also compatible with tablets and some laptops. If your device support wireless charging you may charge via wireless part. If not, you still can charge your device via cable.

Reviews from Amazon customers

Portable power bank Seems to last forever. It’s a little heavy but I get it because it just charges and charges and charges and charges. I just carry it around in my bag now instead of my phone charger- I don’t even need the wires cos it’s wireless. Charges two things at once, so my work tablet is always charged up and ready to go


Verified Purchase

Well designed powerbank. I was looking for a wireless charging power bank that would fit in with my busy life because I always forget to charge things and then forget to take my charger to work or on the bus or to my gran’s or whatever. The large capacity is great for me. It’s a little heavy and bulky but not too much I wouldn’t say. It easily fits in my bag and even in my pocket at a squeeze. Recommended


Verified Purchase

Easy to use. Nice LED display showing the charge levels. The design is slick and pretty elegant for a big black box. Battery life ridiculous. Charges my cell like 5 times over. Lots of USB slots for different charging methods. Wireless charging works every time. Charges quick considering the size. Fits in my bag because it’s nice and slim.

Recommended if you like trustworthy, reliable products that won’t let you down. Okirobo customer service super nice as well and the shipping was as quick as you would expect.

Shaya D.

Verified Purchase

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