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Hiking simply is walking in nature as a recreational activity. Especially among those with sedentary occupations, hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness. It is economical and convenient, and requires no special equipment. No special equipment in that there’s no need for a car, a truck and any form of motor vehicle.  However, because you’re headed into nature where anything can happen, there are certain things needed in your backpack (for example power bank) to give you the best hiking experience and keep you safe and prepared against any form of danger.

best hiking power bank

Take power bank with you.

What then could be these items for hiking?


These three are the most important and the most needed hiking items. In fact, it is never safe to go hiking without these three or any at all. They help to guide you and ensure that you keep to the trail in your walk. They also will give you the right direction in your hiking area.

best hiking power bank Okirobo

Take map and power bank

  1. WATER

Water is needed at all times even when hiking. So not to get dehydrated when walking and feel all the discomfort that comes with it, your water can or water bottle is needed in your back pack.

hiking water bottle power bank

water is important during hiking


Nature is always exposed and vulnerable; and since it’s an open place, you will be exposed to the wind or to the snow. Hence, an extra layer is always an option to keep you warm. Extra layers made of wool, fleece and other synthetic materials are best options to be considered when making your choice and not cotton.

extra layer hiking travel

Extra layer during hiking or travel.


Hiking will always last for hours and don’t always expect to be back in daylight. The head lamp will be helpful to enable a better sight in your walk paths. Also, should anything go wrong in your walk and you couldn’t make it back till nightfall, the head lamp will help you through the nights to keep you lightened up. But do not forget to take power bank to charge your head lamp.

hiking head lamp

Your hiking head lamp.

  1. FOOD

This will depend on the kind of food you like and whether you are dieting. Well, whatever is the case, you can always go with sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and snacks. For drinks, you can add any energy drink or juice along with your water.

hiking food for travel

hiking food during travel


In hiking, because you are headed into nature where anything can happen, always expect the unexpected. There could be accidents, cuts or any other form of injury. With your first aid kit, you are sure to help whatever situation it is until you get back for proper treatment. Do not forger to put power bank into first aid kit bag.

first aid kit for hiking

Take first aid kit.

  1. KNIFE

When hiking, a knife should always be handy. It could be used for anything good; either as a safety device against an animal or as a means of cutting anything such as fresh fruits that you find in your way. Knife is useful during hiking the same as best hiking power bank.

hiking knife

Best hiking knife for travel.


The day could be too sunny, emitting heavy rays. To keep your eyes shaded, the sunglass is needed. It will keep your eyes free from the rays from the sun.

hiking sunglasses travel

Sunglasses for hiking or travel.

  1. FIRE

Uncertainty lies in the turn up of events and not all could be reasonably foreseeable giving room for enough preparation to cover the turn up of such unexpected events. With the items with which you can make fire with, your hiking might just got another saving grace. You might just need a fire to keep you warm in the cold at night.

matches hiking travel

Take matches on your hiking.


During hiking or travel you will use your phone. You need to stay connected with someone. Okirobo best hiking power bank will help you stay charged. Check special promo price for Okirobo power bank on Amazon!

Okirobo power bank will give you up to 3-4 times full charge of your phone, and it is the best option here.

buy power bank Okirobo

Okirobo – best portable charger power bank for iPhone.

Your smartphone is needed to make the go worth it. While hiking, your smartphone could function as your map, or as your camera to save the moments or for you to play music while on the go. These functions drain the battery of your smart phone, so to keep your smartphone alive with you while you take your long hours of walk in nature; an Okirobo power bank is surely needed amongst the items to be in your back pack. Check all details and price here!


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