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What is so funny about new Apple iPhone 11 pro?

A few days ago Apple released a new iPhone 11 pro. Apple promised a technological breakthrough at the presentation. The new device was equipped with three cameras and a bunch of sensors. Now your Instagram photos will look even cooler. At least they promised us so. But, many Apple fans were disappointed.

new Apple iPhone 11 pro 2019

Iphone 11 pro, 2019.

Many said that cheap Chinese smartphones already have this. We were not shown a real technological breakthrough in the new iPhone 11 pro. According to some experts, Apple saved all the breakthroughs and technologies for the next year.

But Apple fans and enemies made a bunch of memes with the new iPhone 11 pro.

Why new Apple iPhone 11 pro has so many memes?

The funny and unusual thing about the new iPhone 11 pro is that there are a lot of holes in the phone. Moreover, these holes are very clearly visible. Now, if you see a lot of holes, then know this is the new iPhone 11 pro.

Social networks quickly filled with new memes about the holes of the new iPhone. Especially for you, we have chosen the coolest memes about the new device from Apple. Enjoy it! If you have new memes, then just leave them in the comments.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando iPhone 11 pro meme.

apple iphone 11 pro meme commando

Commando Arnold Schwarzenegger new iPhone 11 pro meme.

This is one of the best meme about new Apple iPhone 11 pro. The cameras of the new device look like the Arnold Schwarzenegger bazooka in the Commando movie.

2. The cameras on the new iPhone 11 Pro look like a stove. The world famous chef Nusret Saltbae cooks his next masterpiece on this stove.

stove Nusret Saltbae iPhone 11 meme

Nusret Saltbae cooks on the iPhone 11 stove.

3. Do you doubt that the new iPhone 11 pro looks like a stove? look at this photo of an old electric stove. Apple designers were clearly inspired by this device.

Apple iPhone 11 pro stove meme

Apple iPhone 11 pro looks like a stove.

4. There is a version that Apple designers were inspired by an electric razor. Look at the similarities. The new iPhone looks like a simple electric razor.

new iphone 11 pro electro razor meme

Iphone 11 looks like electro razor.

5. Apple and Marilyn Monroe. Now the comparison will be better. It seems that one of the designers just decided to watch old films with Marilyn Monroe. The comparison is not bad compared to a stove. We are sure that women will appreciate it.

Marilyn Monroe iphone 11 meme

Iphone 11 inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

6. IPhone and Spongebob. Now Apple designers have decided to think about children. Now they used Spongebob square pants. It seems that the designers decided to please all categories of buyers.

Spongebob squarepants iphone 11 meme

Iphone 11 Spongebob squarepants meme.

7. The future of Apple. They say the next iPhones will be even cooler. Perhaps they will look that way.

future Apple iPhone design meme

Future Apple iPhone design.

8. Live hack! How to turn your old iPhone 5 into a new iPhone 11 pro? To do this, you just need a black marker. Remember to carry the marker with you and paint on from time to time.

iphone 5 into iphone 11 meme

How to make from your iPhone 5 iPhone 11?

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Okirobo wireless power bank meme

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